Cartographers to Watch in 2018 (Part One)

Featured Image: European Population Density in 3D by Topi Tjukanov

Recently I reached out to #GIStribe and asked who they thought were the cartographers to watch for in 2018. I received some great recommendations and here are a few.

Alasdair Rae

From the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Alasdair Rae writes a blog covering GIS and data visualization. Some of his recent work has included visualizations of population density and a tutorial on making GeoGIFs.

He also created a Land Cover Atlas of the United Kingdom using open source data.



Follow him on his blog: Stats, Maps n’ Pix, Twitter @UnderTheRadar

John Nelson

Hailing from Michigan, United States, John Nelson is a product Engineer at Esri. He frequently takes topics in the news and makes visually exquisite maps. Some of his recent projects include a hand drawn map of the Mackinac straits for his father, Fast Food maps, and maps of the Great Lakes.

He also contributes to the fantasy mapping forum Cartographers’ Guild.


Follow him on his blog: Adventures in Mapping, Twitter @John_M_Nelson

Kenneth Field

A former teacher of Cartography and GIS, Kenneth Field is a senior cartographic product engineer at Esri. He is a fixture at mapping conferences around the world. His map Pitch Perfect, an analysis of the orientation of Premier league football pitches was top winner of the 2016 British Cartographic Society awards.



Follow him on his blog: Cartonerd, Twitter @kennethfield

Daniel Huffman

A fixture in the cartographic community, Daniel Huffman is an expert in making beautiful maps using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. His maps, especially the shore-lines and terrain shading have a distinctive style. For cartographers using Illustrator, his #PractiCarto Archive are an invaluable resource.



Follow him on his blog: Something About Maps, Twitter @pinakographos

Topi Tjukanov

Hailing from Finland, Tjukanov made a splash in the data visualization world in 2017 with his maps using transit data. His maps are welcomed with acclaim and excited discussion on Reddit and Twitter. Topi makes maps that are both clever and clear in explaining the patterns of the travel in the modern age.


Follow his work at his portfolio:, Twitter @tjukanov



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