/r/MapPorn in 2018


Goals for 2018

  • I would like to see more content from contemporary cartographers. There are a lot of great maps being produced and /r/MapPorn is a great place to give them exposure. Some people to watch in 2018 are Mike HallKenneth FieldRosemary WardleyEleanor Lutz, Matthew CusickKevin Sheehan, and many others.
  • Encourage more quality posting. This is a difficult one because quality is pretty subjective. I try to flair posts that show decent effort. I don’t have the time or the stamina to do heavy moderation of the submission queue. A lot of mapchart.net paint by numbers get posted. While I’m not crazy about these, I hesitate to remove them. Making maps is not easy. Some people put a lot of effort into these maps, and I’m not going to silence that.
  • Keep encouraging users to make maps. This is mainly why I started the contest. Everyone should know how to make at least a simple map. Not only that but after you’ve gone through the process of making a map, you understand the talent and dedication it takes to make good maps. The internet is full of negative people who denigrate artists without knowing what it takes to put artwork in front of an audience. Creating your own map is a humbling and enriching experience.