Cartographers to Watch in 2018 (Part Two)

Featured Image: Hurricane Maria by Joshua Stevens

This is part two of “Cartographers to Watch in 2018”. The previous post is here.

Joshua Stevens

As a data visualization lead at NASA, Joshua Stevens is an expert in combining cartography with data. Some of his recent work has included easy to understand maps of weather patterns.  His work is featured in major news publications.

Also his work as mod at /r/Dataisbeautiful and panelist at /r/AskScience are an important part of the Reddit community.



Follow him on his blog, Twitter: @JSCarto

Derek Watkins

Working as a Graphics Editor at the New York Times, Watkins often makes evocative maps and images of fast-breaking news. His maps on the New York Times website are often interactive and visually stunning.

His work shows how geography and the environment influences the lives of ordinary people.



His portfolio is on his website, Twitter: @dwtkns

Lauren C. Tierney

A Graphics Reporter at The Washington Post and formerly with National Geographic, Lauren makes beautiful maps. Her maps cover topics such as weather phenomena, endangered species and archaeological maps.



Her portfolio is on her website, Twitter: @tierneyl

Daniel Coe

Working for the Washington State Geological Survey, Daniel Coe makes beautiful maps mainly focused on the Pacific Northwest of North America. His map of the Ice Age Floods won the 2017 Esri Storytelling Contest Grand Prize.



His portfolio is on his website, Twitter: @geo_coe