Where to Find Quality Maps

A frequent critique of /r/MapPorn is that there is not enough quality content. Fortunately the internet is full of places where users can find beautiful maps to share with the community. This post is an attempt to share some of these resources. Check out some of them, and try submitting a map to /r/MapPorn.

David Rumsey Map Collection

Quite possibly the most comprehensive map collection on the internet. This site has a great interface and makes it easy to download a high resolution map. The site also has a nice georeferencer that allows you to overlay historic maps over a modern map.

It cannot be overstated how wonderful of a resource this site is. They have over 85,000 well categorized and organized maps. The collection is the work of David Rumsey, a retired real estate tycoon who donated his map collection to Stanford University.

MapPorn Curated Twitter Feed

This is a hand-picked list of Twitter accounts that frequently post maps. This is a great place to find fresh maps that have been making the rounds in the Twitter sphere. There are usually some great maps posted here recently. They often reference some current event and are a great addition to the content on /r/MapPorn.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia commons is the repository for media content on Wikipedia. This includes all kinds of media like photos, videos, audio and maps. The site is relatively easy to browse and explore.


The Big Map Blog

This site is a great place to find maps in super high resolution. A large portion of the maps are vintage “birdseye view” maps of 19th century America. These kinds of maps are often popular on /r/MapPorn because they are visually appealing and show places many Redditors are familiar with.

Unfortunately this site hasn’t been updated in several years. It’s still a great archive and worth browsing.


US Library of Congress Map Collections

This site has a great collection of historic maps. The featured maps content is frequently updated with fresh maps from current news and events. The Library of Congress has the greatest collection of physical maps ever assembled. While the website does not have the full collection available online, the content of maps on here is nearly inexhaustible.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas Austin

The Perry-Castañeda Library has more than 250,000 maps in it’s archives. While most of that isn’t digital yet, it still has a huge collection available online. If you’re looking for an obscure map and the other sources don’t have it, chances are you can find it here.

National Library of Australia Maps Collection

The National Library of Australia has a massive collection of maps. Many of these maps emphasize the Oceania and the regions around Australia. We don’t get a lot of these maps posted on /r/MapPorn and this is a great place to find some.