Road Map for MapPorn


  1. Sustain a flourishing global community for carto-nerds
  2. Share a pageantry of maps
  3. Store and diffuse useful geographic and historical data that relate to maps
  4. Worldwide brand recognition amongst experts and influencers
  5. Reach one million subscribers on Reddit

Sustain a flourishing global community for carto-nerds

There is a diverse tribe of people out there that, like me, are fascinated with maps. Modern technology allows us to connect in a novel and exciting experience. I am facilitating this with the MapPorn brand.

Growing the community gives all players a bigger share.

There is a corner of the internet that is excited with maps. I am calling this the ‘carto-sphere’. These are people from a plethora of different backgrounds: land surveyors, journalists, geologists, politicians, biologists, librarians…the list goes on. These people like maps. They like to see trends and new knowledge from map visualizations. They like to learn about history. They like to imagine distant lands. These are the people that look at a map and are inspired to change the world.

As part of this push I want to foster growth for every one in the community, not just MapPorn. I am looking to share fresh content. This includes podcasts, video, blogs and other map sharing sites. For any players in this realm that are effective at making meaningful content, I will gladly give exposure to them and their brand. This includes sharing growth with content providers that are competitors.

I am searching for sustainable and symbiotic relationships with other brands and creators. There are many talented designers and visualizers who work with maps. I will help them reach a wider audience. This is a positive relationship in which both parties are benefitted.

Share a pageantry of maps

I’m not interested in narrowing and dissecting the definition of maps. There will be a pop culture aspect to the content. Maps follow trends and get meme’d and that’s okay. There are many, many tastes in the world and no one should be the artbiter for others.

My goal is to share content at such a velocity that there are many options. Don’t like the content at any given time? Wait a few hours.

Store and diffuse useful geographic and historical data that relate to maps

The libraries and collections of maps in the world still have a lot of content that is not on the internet. These maps are useful and should be shared. Many disciplines can benefit from maps. When MapPorn posts a map it enters the consciousness of academic discourse.

While not all content shared by MapPorn is academic, there will always be a place on MapPorn for posting maps of scholarship.

Worldwide brand recognition amongst experts and influencers

To be effective in social media it requires a robust network of people sharing your content. The above mentioned goals necessitate increased velocity in diffusing content.

To this end I’ve started identifying people and institutions that are players in the geospatial realm. I am sending them a snail mail custom-written letter with a friendly greeting and some MapPorn stickers. I’ve identified a hundred already and with every exposure I have in the carto-sphere I find new leads.

Reach one million subscribers on Reddit

This is an arbitrary number. I choose this goal because it is a concrete metric. This is simply a yardstick to measure the effectiveness of strategies As I achieve this goal it will transfer into new goals.



Lastly, some goals on Twitter.

MapPorn Twitter Feed:

  1. Share a steady stream of quality maps from /r/MapPorn
  2. Retweet and give exposure to creators that are currently making maps
  3. Share news, events and happenings in the carto-sphere
  4. Occasional non-map but still interesting post from the world of history or science.